Volunteer definition

Jubilæums Jamboretten

Definition:  Who is a volunteer?


  • A volunteer is part of a committee.
  • Contributes to the planning and helping throughout the Jamboree.
  • All volunteers must be approved and registered.
  • Only approved volunteers are entitled to pay volunteer price.
  • The volunteers can only be defined and appointed/approved by a member of the committee
  • The coordinators in the committees assess whether a person can be entitled to a special volunteer price or not.
    • This is assessed on the basis of the effort he/she provides under the Jamboree. However, there is a requirement that a helper is available every day, most of the time.
  • There will not be a specific volunteer camp - you have to sleep with the groups, or in the senior/family camp.
  • Only volunteers are allowed to eat in the volunteer kitchen.
  • It is possible to pay a daily price in case a volunteer do not attend/help every day during the Jamboree.
  • Those who help make the hike are part of the activities committee and will serve as a volunteer in both committees.
  • It is not possible to volunteer during the camp, this must be done before the camp.


Definition:  Child of a volunteer


  • In order to be entitled to pay volunteer price, minimum one parent has to be registered as a volunteer
  • If the children of volunteers are "regular" scouts, ie. they sleep with their own group and/or participate actively in the program (eg. activities), they can not be approved as children of a volunteer and have to pay regular attendance price.


How can I become a volunteer?


  • You can submit an application via a job post on the website.
  • You can visit the contact page on the website and send a message. We will then together figure out where your talents can be used.