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Located only a few kilometres south of the Danish-Ger­man border, 500 young Scouts and Guides enjoy Scou­ting in a Danish way: With our ten Scout groups, The Danish Scouts of Southern Schleswig offers Scouting activities for the young people of the Danish minority in northern Germany. Through Scouting, we assemble children and young people of the minority, in order to give them the opportunity to develop independence, responsibility, democratic thinking and international understanding. We also have our own Scout centre, Tydal. You can recognize us at the blue uniforms and the yellow scarves - the colors of Southern Schleswig.

Southern Schleswig

History of the region

Schleswig is the name for the area between the river Eider in the Sou­th and the stream Kongeåen in the North, where the language and culture was originally just as Danish, as in any other part of Denmark. In the first half of the 19th century, there was a conflict about the que­stion, whether Schleswig was Danish or German, since the languages spoken in the area was a mixture of German, Danish and Frisian.

After the war in 1864, Denmark had to cede the Duchies of Holstein, Lauenburg and the total Danish Duchy Schleswig to Prussia and Au­stria. Later, in 1920, a referendum was held in three constituencies, as the people were allowed decide their affiliation. The northern part of Schleswig came to Denmark, while Southern Schleswig remained under German control.

Southern Schleswig today

The name Sydslesvig, or Southern Schleswig, is not written on any official map of the world, but it refers to the region between the border between Denmark and Germany and the river Eider. It is assumed that about 50.000 people belong to the Danish Minority. This is about 10 % of the re­gions’ total population

Today, the members of the Danish Minority are both German and Danish citizens, considering themselves as Danish ”sydslesvigere”, firmly rooted in the region. The regional consciousness is reflected in the fact that people not only speak Danish, but also the dialect of Southern Jutland, German and Low German. The Danish Minority has its own schools, kindergartens, five libraries, churches, cultural institutions, sports- youth organizations, and the Danish newspaper Flensborg Avis. Politically, the Danish Minority is represented by SSW, the minority´s political party, who is also a member of the regional parliament in Kiel.

International events

In 2015 we had a huge national camp, the “Tydal Jamborette” at our scout centre Tydal with many international guests! The Jamborette is held every fourth year and this is where the scouts from the Southern Schleswig, Denmark and the whole world meet for a week of camp life filled with a thrilling programme. The next Tydal Jamborette will be in 2019, the centenary for our association.

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